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Homemade Rich Doenjang

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Homemade Rich Doenjang

│ Description │

  • Type: Traditional soybean paste, Doenjang
  • Origin: Jeollanam-do, Korea
  • Ingredients: Meju (made with 100% domestic and organic Soybeans), Sea Salt (100% from ShinAn, Jeollanam-do)
  • Product varieties: Homemade Rich Jeonghi Doenjang, Homemade Rich Empress Doenjang, Connoisseur’s Arirang Doenjang

│ Homemade Rich Jeonghee Doenjang │

Fresh Doenjang is made of soybeans harvested in November. Boiled soybeans straight from the new harvest are used (hence, no pre-soaking process is required) for making Meju, which is to be fermented until the next spring equinox when mold forms on the Meju. This Meju undergoes a secondary fermentation with the sunlight and wind of Yeong-am until Daeseo (the seasonal name for the peak of the heat) in July, when with the right regulation of sunlight and care, it becomes mature Doenjang.

│ Homemade Rich Empress Doenja │

Created especially for the deep flavor of soup, this Doenjang was made with boiled Jangtae (soybean for Meju) which was fully ripened and carefully chosen, as well as anchovy, seaweed, and shiitake mushroom. Despite trials and errors from the stage of making Meju, this one of a kind Doenjang is waiting for patent approval.

│ Connoisseur’s Arirang Doenjang │

Aged in the nature of a pine forest in the deep mountains of Yeong-am, Jeonnam, this Doenjang has been flavored with Yoeong-am’s sunlight for the last 10 years. Unlike the deep color of the paste, it brings out a delicate savory flavor when it comes to soup and Namul, the Korean vegetable side dishes. This Doenjang is the masterpiece of all.

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